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GlobalBound Industries, LLC offers Industrial Engineered Lubricants, Lubrication Equipment, Single Point Lubricators,
Garage Equipment, as well as consulting, design, installations, service and parts to OEMs and end-users.

We offer Wheel-check and Wheel-Nut Lock Systems to prevent wheel-offs.

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PICO-Max, Multi-line
Progressive Lube System
Problem Solver

Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

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Lubeit Oil & Grease
Lubrication Systems

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SafetyTrim Nut Wheel
Check Systems

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Alentic Orion Fluid Dispensing Pumps - GlobalBound Industries Greasomatic Single-Point Lubrication - GlobalBound Industries Memolub Lubrication, Automatic Single and Multiple Point Lubricators - GlobalBound Industries Lubricator Replacement Parts - GlobalBound Industries

Alentic Orion
Fluid Dispensing Pumps

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Single-point Lubrication

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MEMOLUB® Lubrication
Single and Multiple Points

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Replacement Parts

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Preventative Maintenance Products:
I.L.C. - Lubeit - Greaseomatic - Orion - Lubrication Engineers

ILC LUBETOOL Micro-Lubrication Systems Booklet

LUBETOOL Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) - A self-contained Micro Lubrication System package for metal cutting operations and industrial applications. In metal cutting operations, LUBETOOL's vegetable oil based bio-degradable heavier than air droplets deliver cleaner machine operations by eliminating flood coolant operations and expensive clean-ups and produces faster cutting speeds and improved surfaces finishes. For additional input go to product description page.

I.L.C. Automatic Oil and Grease Lubrication Systems - Resistance (orifice) for oil and volumetric outputs for oil and grease for general machinery includes machine tools, textiles, transportation and agricultural applications. Download ILC's Oil and Grease Systems catalogue. For additional information, contact GlobalBound Industries.

LubeIt: Automatic oil lubricator for centralized lubrication systems An international supplier of centralized lubrication equipment. Pumps and distribution systems supplied worldwide. Oil and grease pumps along with resistance metering and volumetric output distributors are available.
Greasomatic - Single Point Programmable grease lubricator Single Point Programmable grease lubricator. Discharge outputs from 1month to 12 months. Mounted directly to bearing points, Greasomatic is an efficient economical way to automatically deliver lubricant to single point. Ideal for ball and roller bearings.
Orion: Heavy duty centralized lubrication equipment and fluid dispensing metering systems and devices. Patented CentralFlow technology air operated single & double diaphragm pumps Patented, Air operated double Diaphragm Pump - CentralFlow Technology delivers compact design, increased pump performance along with reduced air consumption. Fluid handling equipment for the transportation industry including garages and repair shops. Product lines cover a wide range of mobile, portable and stationary pumps and accessories. Drum handling equipment and lifting equipment are also available.

Lubrication System Replacement Parts:
I.L.C., Bijur, Dropsa, Showa, Trabon Lincoln Alemite,
Lube, Chen Ying, LubeCorp, Vogel, A-Rung, and Graco

Lubricator Replacement Parts - Cyclic Lubrication Pump
Auto-cyclic pump.

Lubricator replacement parts are available for I.L.C., Bijur, Dropsa, Showa, Trabon Lincoln Alemite, Lube, Chen Ying, LubeCorp, Vogel, A-Rung, and Graco lubrication pumps, accessories, parts and systems.

We offer substitute replacement parts for most major lubrication system manufacturers. Contact us for your lubrication replacement parts needs!

  • Lubricant Proportioning Distributors
  • Junction Manifolds and Pressure Gages
  • Adapters, Connectors and Swivels
  • Rigid and Flexible Tubing and Accessories
  • Tubing Compression Fittings

Predictive Safety Products: SafetyTrim

SafetyTrim: Truck Wheel Nut Safety System Locates and Locks Loose Wheel Nuts Truck wheel check indicator, wheel loss prevention management program. Provides "At-a-Glance Safety". System visually locates individual loose wheel nuts then locks the offending nuts in place until corrected. Suitable for trucks and trailers. Ideal for fleet operators and owners.

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