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Lubrication Engineers,® Inc. Heavy Duty Industrial Aerosol Lubricants

Penetrating Lubricants
2059 Monolec® Penetrating Oil and Lubricant - Cleans and lubricates, frees frozen parts, ideal for chains, etc. Adds oil film strength while reducing friction, heat and wear
2001 Wirelife Monolec Penetrating package - For wire rope, superior load carrying capacity, and corrosion resistance
2002 Wirelife Almasol® Coating Lubricant - seals and protects under extreme load and moisture. When used with 2001 Monolec, maximum protection is achieved. Excellent rust preventative

Food Industry Lubricants
4059 H1* Quinplex®, lubricant oil penetrates and coats - provides water and moisture resistance. Certified Kosher Pareve
804 H1* Silicon Spray, machinery lubricant - prevents food from sticking to processing surfaces, permits easy clean up. Is certified Kosher Pareve
4023, 4 & 5 QuinPlex*, food machinery, heavy duty semi-synthetic EP grease, provides moisture and water resistance, won't wash out. Choice NLGI 00, 1 & 2 grades. Certified Kosher Pareve
*Meets NSF H1 requirements for incidental food contact

Extreme Condition Synthetic Lubricants
9102 Syntemp® grease, tacky, withstands high loads and temperatures, is water, rust and oxidation resistant. Contains Monolec, LE's wear reducing additive.
5100 Pyroshield® Syn Open Gear Grease, especially developed for severe service, open gears in the mining, mineral processing and cement industries, etc. and other sliding mechanisms. Utilizes synthetic base oil and a combination of extreme pressure additives and a synergistic mix of Almasol (5100 is the aerosol version of 5182 Pyroshield grease)

Dry Film Lubricant
9200 Almasol, Excellent EP properties - delivers long wear life with low frictional properties, operates over a wide temperature range. Ideal of situations where oil and grease cannot be used - environmentally friendly

Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser
802 HDSD/Break Cleaner - removes heavy greases, oil, adhesives, tar, waxes, asphalt, resins and other heavy materials

Units available: 12 can aerosol case. Same formulations as used in our non-aerosol product versions.

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Products: SafetyTrim - Spilfyter - Lubeit - Greaseomatic - LuMax - Orion