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Fractional 1/2 HP Horizontal Motor-Driven Oil Pump Delivers Top Performance

Efficient rotary driven oil pump handles varied lubricating system requirements

Available with an optional built-in pressure adjusting valve this self-contained assembly delivers controlled oil outputs suitable for most lubrication needs including small and medium sized recirculating systems.

With a maximum operating pressure of 250 psi and a pressure adjusting valve range of 30 to 70 psi, this stand-alone, continuous low pressure output motor driven assembly can be used with existing or custom reservoirs for recirculating systems utilizing settling chambers, Cuno oil and magnetic type filters.

Use with a constant pressure adjusting valve, can provide controlled multiple zone operations without disturbing normal operational pressures.

Handles oil viscosities 150 -1000 SSU @104°F at a maximum output of 9 liters per minute. For additional details specify model CVP 204. Unit is an ideal service replacement pump for continuous flow networks.

Larger output oil discharge models are offered with 1, 2 and 3HP electric motors. Outputs to 40 liters/min are available (without adjustable pressure valve).

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SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Indicator and Nut Retention Device Enhances the Safety of Commercial Vehicles

It is estimated that up to 80% of trucks on the road can have wheels attached improperly  Individual wheels may be defective; installed incorrectly, under or over torqued to the extent that they could become a road hazard. As well as being potentially lethal a lost wheel has many hidden costs to a transportation company:

The Cost of Wheel Loss:
Downtime and Recovery Costs
Repairs/New Vehicle Expense
Damaged Stock and Reputation
Legal and Higher Insurance Costs

GlobalBound's SafetyTrim loose wheel nut monitoring and locking system consists of one unit per wheel which fits tightly over the nuts and also doubles up as an attractive wheel trim. Installation is easy and SafetyTrims withstands hot and cold conditions - the trims individual loose nut indicator (florescent marker in observation window) lets driver inspect and verify wheel attachment safety with a daily quick visual loose wheel nut check.

The SafetyTrim loose wheel nut indicator and retention device is offered for a variety of wheel configurations, 8 or 10 stud wheel configurations and nut sizes for heavy truck, trailers and buses. In addition, special 4, 5, and 6 wheel stud models for Sprinter type vans and light transport vehicles are available. SafetyTrims are offered in black, white and chrome finishes.

For additional information, download SafetyTrim Booklet



Cut and Assemble Fritsche High Pressure Flexible Hose Assemblies (10,000 psi) by hand without special tools

Ideal for heavy duty manual and automatic centralized lubrication.

Basic assembly steps:

  1. Cut bulk hose to required line length
  2. Slip threaded screw sleeve over ends of hose
  3. Screw tapered hose stud into sleeve using wrenches
    (Expanding taper creates leak-tight hose connection)

A choice of various configuration hose studs and screw sleeves for the new diameter 1/8" ID x 5/16 OD high pressure hose are available.

Hose end adapters and compression fittings (nut and ferrules) to US standards. Feed line nylon tubing along with metal elbow and straight adapter fittings to US thread configurations are also available.

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Help machinery moving parts work better by conducting proper lubrication Maintenance Repair and Operation (MRO)

Lubrication Component Replacement Parts:

• Inspect and replace as necessary worn flexible hoses - for long life avoid unnecessary twists.

• Inspect lubrication system junctions and connections for leaks, tighten and remake as necessary

• Check pressure gages and switches for proper operation - replace as necessary.

• At predetermined scheduled intervals - Be sure that proper lubricator reservoir levels are checked and maintained - low lubricant levels cause air to enter distribution network and cause problems

• Don't skimp on use of quality lubricants... Even though supply costs may be more, high performance lubricants save money in the long run...

Remember, proper lubrication solutions and well-maintained equipment and MRO practices improve machinery operation and reduce maintenance costs.

For details on the various types of centralized lube systems and Lubrication Replacement Parts, visit and download the Replacement Parts or Lubeit Booklets.


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