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Enhance Your Vehicle with Wheel Safety Features
SafetyTrim Patented Loose Wheel Nut Safety Devices Indicate and Lock Loose Nuts In-Place

InfoBoxPhoto1Finding wheel nut faults before a vehicle gets on the road is important. When a wheel nut backs off, an individual early warning fluorescent yellow indicator on the wheel visually alerts operator - provides easy verifiable visual inspections for pre- and post-trip wheel nut safety.

Ideal for heavy duty trucks and trailers, buses and heavy and light duty vans.

SafetyTrim wheel nut Cap Covers are precision engineered to clamp firmly on to wheel nut through an interference fit. In addition SafetyTrim's hub lip keeps wheel nuts and fasteners free from dirt and corrosion.

As well as a safety device, Chrome finish SafetyTrims also enhance each vehicles wheel appearance. Upon installation, each wheel nut has a Fully Chromed Wheel Nut Cover as well as a Chromed Safety Ring making the entire wheel area appealing and attractive.

Black finish trims are also available for school bus applications. White SafetyTrims are offered to unify white wheel hubs.

All SafetyTrim finishes are resistant to road surfaces and automotive contaminants.

Get SafetyTrim Wheel Nut Monitoring Action Today! Download specifications and installation procedure booklet.

Automatic lubrication Technology has come a long way in satisfying the four "Rs" of lubricating bearing surfaces: deliver the Right Lubricant at the Right Time in the Right Amount to the Right Place. Automatic Single and Multiple point units can now satisfy long neglected remote bearings:

A compact (120cc reservoir capacity) totally sealed non-refillable galvanic reaction unit delivers controlled continuous outputs. Units can operate in any position - even under water. Units are Cerberus approve for underground mining operations.

With built-in "Easy-Dial" patented adjustable output settings delivering between 0.3 to 4ml per day, GREASOMATIC's force grease flows into bearings at seven pre-selected time periods from one month to one year. Unit is equipped with a built-in 15 psi
(1 bar) over-pressure valve.

For specifications, settings and discharges, download GREASOMATIC booklet.

Electrical (battery powered) Mechanical Positive Displacement Pumps can handle oil or grease. Outputs are controlled by selection and fitting of MEMO timing rings to units.

Single Point Reusable MEMOLUB EM - Electric Motors
A compact (120cc reservoir) basic lubricator primarily designed to lubricate Electric Motor bearings and other comparable bearing requirements, this unit delivers small amounts of grease over long time periods (12 months at 0.30cc/day or 24 months at 0.15cc/day). Discharge settings are controlled by selection of MEMO timing rings. Unit discharges to 140 psi (10 bar).

Single Point Reusable MEMOLUB ONE - General Purpose
This device is furnished with a 240cc reservoir and operates up to 140 psi (10 bar). Unit is available with 1, 3, 6, and 12 month outputs through independent MEMO timing ring settings.

Typical applications for MEMOLUB ONE, electric motors, pumps, fans, machining centers, conveyors and general production equipment.

Single Point Reusable MEMOLUB HPS - High Pressure System
The HPS operates to 350 psi (25 bar) with a choice of over 50 individual outputs controlled with a choice of three MEMO timing rings and up to eight discharge washers. A user setting chart is available.

This unit is offered in three reservoir sizes: Model 120cc standard (approx. ¼ pound, 113 g), Model 240cc mega (approx. ½ pound, 227g) and Model 480cc giga (approx. 1 pound, 454g) capacities. These units are extremely adaptable. The HPS unit is ideal for remote mounting some distance away from the lube point.

Multiple Point Reusable MEMOLUB MPS - Remote Multi-Point System
A precise reliable and easy to install Multi-Point distribution system lubricating from 2 to 12 points from a single lubricator. The system comprises a MEMOLUB HPS lubricator used in conjunction with a progressive movement distributor block (splitter valve) and push in fittings. Each outlet port of the block discharges 0.3cc of grease. When necessary, outlet ports can be coupled together to combine outputs. Design schematic layouts are available.

Typical applications for MEMOLUB MPS, general production equipment, chains and rails, food and beverage, plastics, quarry, material production, automotive, utilities, cement and chemical industries.

Units are available suitable for hazardous locations. A wide choice of cartridge filled greases and tubing is also offered.

For additional details and application enquiries on GREASOMATIC and MEMOLUB units, contact

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