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In this issue, we break down our company product lines into four important categories "High Performance Lubricants, Integrated Lubrication Equipment, Predictive Maintenance and Technical Tip" for fast product identification to satisfy our reader's needs for advanced maintenance methods:

LUBETOOL Micro Lubrication Offers Solutions for Cutting and Forming Operations

LUBETOOL and Bio-Mist™ EP Cutting Oil Delivers Droplets to Tool Cutting Edge for Improved Work Finishes and Longer Tool Life problems

LUBETOOL, Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) system along with Renewable Lubricants, Inc. Bio-Lubes keeps cutting tools sharper and cooler. Precise deliveries of micro-droplets are consumed during the cutting process: this feature eliminates harmful misting and hazardous waste disposal normally encountered in the metal cutting processes.

The LUBETOOL - Bio-lube combination results in faster cleaner production runs, reduced coolant use and more efficient operations along with cost savings. Download Micro-Lubrication Cooling Systems.

Bio-Mist™ EP Cutting Oil offers superior high vegetable oil lubricity - additional characteristics include:

• Excellent cutting tool Wetting and Oiliness
• High Viscosity Index (VI) for stable operations
• Superior Extreme Pressure (EP) and Antiwear Agents
• Low Toxicity and no hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOC)
• Superior Performance through Consistent Quality

Typical applications include: milling, drilling, turning, broaching and thread cutting and tapping. In addition this micro lubrication arrangement is particularly useful in machining stainless and hard steel. Download Cutting Oil Specification Sheet.

Note: Bio-Mist™ EP Cutting Oil, STABILIZED™ by Renewable Lubricant, Inc is a proprietary patented technology for high performance bio-based oils. For more information, contact GlobalBound Industries today.



Centralized Lubrication Equipment: How to Lubricate Moving Link Chains

GlobalBound Industries ILC. once-thru oil feed automatic lubrication systems deposit biodegradable vegetable oils on chain metal friction points for long life and high efficiency.

In successful chain lubrication systems, it is imperative to fill the gap between the pin-link plate and the roller-link plate with the correct lubricant. This action creates more uptime and less downtime as well as extending chain life.

Two popular centralized lubrication methods include:

Lubeit Programmable Electric Motor Driven Meter System with Proportional Flow Restrictors

Built-in solid state electric program lets operators "zero-in" on correct operating cycle output deliveries.

Meter units and brushes to suit specific chain requirements are available. Download Lubeit Booklet.

LUBETOOL Air Operated Positive Displacement Micro Drop System

The fully automatic air/oil system offers users a built-in wide range of outputs and operating interval adjustments.

The co-axle "tube in a tube" air/oil delivery system creates a heavier than air micro droplet mix right at the jet delivery tip. Micro drops are accurately transferred to the chain's contact points.

This arrangement is ideally suited to multiple strand chains. Download LUBETOOL Micro Lubrication.

Bio-Based Vegetable Oils for Chain Lubrication

An effective chain lubricant has the ability to penetrate deep into the chain's links connections to protect and promote long life.

Biodegradable vegetable based chain lubricants with anti-wear characteristics are ideal for chain lubrication. A package with EP's (extreme pressure), rust and oxidation inhibitors for corrosion protection as well as tackifiers with "stay-put" ability provide lasting protection for chain contact surfaces. Typical examples: Renewable Lubricants, Inc. Bio-Chain & Cable™ lubricants, a viscosity selection includes medium, heavy medium, heavy, and extreme heavy vegetable oils for a variety of applications. Download Bio-Chain & Cable specification sheet.

For additional input on vegetable oil chain lubricants, contact


THINK METRIC - The Rest of the World Does!

Having trouble finding Lubrication systems replacement part components?

As well as meter unit proportioning oil devices, positive displacement injectors and progressive series distribution dividers, GlobalBound Industries Lubeit systems offers users a full range of distribution components for all machinery configurations:

• Feed and Distribution Tubing (Rigid and Flexible), 4, 6, 8 mm diameter
   - Metal, Copper
   - Nylon
   - Flexible Hose, 800 bar burst pressure
   - Medium Pressure Flexible Hose, 4 and 6mm diameter, 200 bar burst pressure
   - Hose fittings, straight and elbow types
   - Tubing Clips, various diameters and number of tube clamps
• Compression Fitting Components (including sleeves, olives, nuts and bushings)
• Push-Lock Tubing Assemblies (straight and elbow adapters)
• Adapter assemblies and Connectors
• Single and Double-way Junctions
• Oscillating Swivels
• Pressure Gauges (for all lube system operating pressures)
• Pressure Switches
• Oil filters and Grease strainers

Download Lubeit Lubrication Systems booklet or contact for additional information.



TECHNICAL TIP: Lube System Pressure Gauge Tells All!

Stay on top of machinery's lube system performance.

The Pressure Gauge is the "pulse beat" of system operation - check it for proper operation - at least monthly - replace faulty gauge as required - troubleshoot the system if necessary.

Without a proper functioning operating gauge users can't tell if the operating lubricating cycle is performing normally.

This preventative maintenance practice improves operating efficiency.

For more information, contact GlobalBound Industries today.


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