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Grease Lubrication Systems
Flexible Hose Replacement -
No special tools required!

Flexible hoses play a key role to lube moving parts. Grease systems operate at higher pressures (2000 - 40000 psi average) and care should be taken in the removal and correct assembly of replacement hoses.

When failure occurs in flexible hoses equipped with swaged end fittings, the entire assemble must be replaced.

GlobalBound Industries utilizes hoses with tapered seal reusable sleeve-type end fittings therefore, custom replacement lines can readily by made up using simple tools.

Be sure to follow good maintenance replacement practices when installing new hoses, e.g., always maintain sufficient hose slack to minimize strain at hose connection points, avoid twists or kinks and avoid all excessive sharp bends.

A variety of hose tailpiece assemblies and threaded terminal stud ends are available to satisfy all types of lubrication system hose connections.

Fritsche Lubeit High Pressure Flexible Hose Systems are ideal for manual zerk feeds as well as fully automatic distribution systems.

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Loose Wheel Nuts:
A Case for
Wheel SafetyTrims

School bus separations occur with more frequency than we might suspect. Reported instances have recently occurred at Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan.

All of these instances occurred when busses were transporting children; some reports cited situations resulting in injuries and property damage.

While school buses are subject to stringent inspection regulations; each school bus driver is normally required to complete a pre-check of the vehicle before each shift.

SafetyTrim's with their individual loose wheel nut indication/locking system foster daily wheel nut safety inspections to determine loose lug nut situations as they occur. This practice helps alleviate this ongoing worry for all school bus drivers and operators.

Add SafetyTrim Wheel Security to the School Bus Rules of the Road.

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Flow System Matic (FSM) Heavy Duty Simple Compact Design Eliminates Tangled Tubes

The System offers accurate cooling water control to and from plastic injection molding machine's mold water passages for faster cycle times and improved product tolerances.

Four controlled flow rates are offered, 6.5, 8, 11 and 13 liters per minute with matching control float cones.

Features include:

  • Fast hose hook-ups
  • Faster tool changes and set up
  • Easy set-up and control for mold changes
  • Two to twelve manifold zones
  • Predictable cooling water flows
  • Temperature gauges on each zone
  • Graduated flow tubes
  • Zone flow indicators
  • Push-in zone flow lock

The Flow System Matic system also provides fast easy maintenance of flow tubes and water flow regulators.

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This premier event was held November 14-15, Toronto, Canada to highlight new innovations and practices within the Waste and Recycling Industries.

The annual show was extremely well attended with decision makers including environmental system engineers and heavy equipment maintenance managers.

Lubecore International Inc. Campbellville, Ontario displayed its complete line of Next Generation Protection Solutions for industry. Products comprised Lubecore's single feed and multi-line Oil and Grease Centralized Lubrication systems.

Attendees were able to examine equipment and vehicles on display, including a Walinga Recycling Truck extensively equipped with Lubcore Centralized Pneumatic Operated Single Line Injector Lubrication System (completed by the LubeCore team from Eastern Ontario).

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