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In this issue, we break down our company product lines into four important categories "Eco-Lube Production Solutions, High Performance Lubricants, Integrated Lubrication Equipment and Predictive Maintenance" for fast product identification to satisfy our reader's needs for advanced maintenance methods:

Eco-Lube Production Solutions - Process Wetting Lubrication for Circular Saws and Band Saws

LubeTool's pinpoint delivery of bio-fuels at tool cutting edges during general machining and metal cutting processes eliminates flood cooling systems and offers users faster speeds and better finishes along with improved tool life in a safe clean operating environment.

Bio-Lubricants are excellent friction reducers: they have high lubricity, a high viscosity index and excellent flash points - all valuable assets when cutting metals.

The combination of the LubeTool system and Bio Lubricants with Near Dry Machining techniques create an Eco-Friendly lubrication solution with considerably less fluid consumption and waste disposal expenses.


LubeTool and Renewable Lubricants* - A Winning Combination

LubeTool's precise micro "once-through" bio-lube dispensing offers many benefits in a wide variety of applications. Lubricants are available for both machining and cutting operations as well as general industrial applications.

Bio-Mist EP Cutting Oil (ISO 32), provides excellent cutting performance over a broad range of materials and operations. Bio-Mist EP provides excellent cutting tool wetting and oiliness for high performance results. In addition EP Cutting oil is successful for machining various stainless steels.

Ideal for milling, drilling and tapping and miscellaneous machining operations. Specifications and material safety data sheets as available for this high performance bio-fluid.

A broad based selection of industrial bio-based lubricants are offered; contact GlobalBound Industries today to find out more. For additional information on ILC products, check out their website at

*Renewable Lubricants, Inc. -



Progressive Movement Lubrication Systems
Versatile Mini-Output Series DPX Divider
Delivers Smaller Precise Outputs to Lube Points

Progressive movement manifold blocks operate in a prearranged operational sequence for controlled deliveries and fail-safe system operation monitoring. Various numbers of block segments can be manifolded together to suit a wide variety of stationary and mobile machinery applications.

The DPX Mini-Output progressive blocks operate at relatively low operating pressures, 15 bar (200 psi). This feature makes it an ideal companion for use with single point positive feed devices. This aspect reconfigures outputs to various groups of lube points.

Three or four block segmented assemblies with externally mounted cross port bars can be configured to handle from two to eight individual lube points - larger assemblies are available.

Cross Porting Outlets Increases Flexibility

The versatile DPX divider mini outputs are offered in four different piston assemblies, 25, 45, 75 and 105 mm³ for close control of oil and grease volumes. Cross porting block outlets can double and quadruple outputs from a single port to satisfy broad application requirements.

The mini output progressive assemblies can also be used with multi-line pumps: these two "versatile technologies" used in conjunction with a single adjustable output injector directly can directly feed a progressive movement distribution network offering increased application scope for a broader range of machines.

Typical applications include: machine tools, drive chains, mobile chassis, packaging and process handling equipment.

For additional information on DPX Mini-Output series, contact GlobalBound Industries today.



Process Wetting Lubrication for Circular Saws and Band Saws
LubeTool Micro Droplet System
Offers Many Production Benefits:

The System delivers precise minimal quantities of "heavier than air" lubrication droplets directly to the working cutting edge of the saw through special spray jets. Benefits include:

• Elimination of messy flood coolant systems
• Faster cutting rates
• Longer blade (cutting edge) life
• Improved material chip removal
• Cleaner work area
• Safer working environment

LubeTool outputs provide users with absolute fluid system control: choice of reservoir combinations, adjustable injectors (20 basic settings), frequency generator (1 to 60 strokes/minute) and special dispensing jet assemblies (saddle nozzles) for various sawing operations.

A choice of Renewable Lubricants* medium and heavy duty ultimately biodegradable vegetable oils formulated with Antiwear/EP, rust and corrosion and oxidation inhibitors to enhance production runs. These systems operate well in high and low temperature conditions.

Minimal lubrication systems for cutting saw applications offer users absolute control of cutting fluids while protecting the environment. For additional information on these MQL systems, contact GlobalBound Industries today.

ILC Lubrication Systems -
*Renewable Lubricants, Inc. -



Easy Service Lube Filters Reduce Maintenance Costs

Centralized lubrication filters protect system metering elements.

Proper lubricant storage and reservoir filling procedures along with a planned system maintenance schedule prevents machine breakdowns.

Always follow these practices:

  • Store all machinery approved lubricants in clearly identified clean containers
  • Use uncontaminated filling equipment to replenish clean lubricants into system reservoirs
  • Establish and follow a regular routine inspection program of all lube system strainers and filters
  • Replace oil system in-line filter elements on an annual basis
  • Remove grease strainers and clean/replace as needed (at least once a year)
  • Use only recommended approved lubricants in individual systems

Always follow proper reservoir filling practices to avoid introducing air or contaminates in the system distribution network. A regular planned preventative maintenance program keeps machinery up and running efficiently.


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