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SafetyTrim Answers the Fire Call

Fire engines around the world provide fast reliable response in emergency situations

A large fire truck driven with big loads maneuvering quickly in close situations, place tremendous stresses on the wheel nuts. Maintaining proper nut clamping action becomes difficult. Stud stretch, wear and fatigue builds up to dangerous situations as nuts tend to loosen.

Enter SafetyTrim's Wheel Nut Movement Monitoring and locking system with its convenient "at-a-glance" inspection. The patented trim offers fire engine trucks added wheel security in avoiding loose nuts causing a catastrophic situation to develop.

The added benefit of SafetyTrims "Locking" ability to prevent further wheel nut detorquing is an added bonus. This action allows workshop personnel to schedule convenient removal/replacement of wheel nuts to Technology Maintenance Council's Recommended Practices 237A: Retorquing Guidelines.

For detailed information and specifications, download SafetyTrim Booklet.

Greasing critical lube points located behind machine housings can be difficult to lubricate and become a safety hazard to lubricate by hand:

Bulkhead fitting for grease nipple bearing connection

A remote mounted bulkhead grease nipple fitting arrangement used in conjunction with either nylon or a high pressure hose assembly connected directly to a grease point inlet solves most "hard-to-reach" greasing installations.

Manifolded grease nipple distribution block

The Fritsche product line of fitting/adapters and high pressure nylon and flexible hose tubing offers users simple and reliable solutions to solve difficult situations for single and multiple points.

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In expansive plant and processing machinery manufacturing where bearings are remotely located at inaccessible locations throughout the plant facility, single mounting point programmable GREASOMATIC lubricators provide PLANNED scheduled lubrication programs to ensure that no bearing surfaces are forgotten.

GREASOMATIC, a simple mount and set lubricator with built-in 1 to 12 month individual discharge settings, lets operators install and record settings for next scheduled change-over replacement.


Unit operates in any position (even under water). GREASOMATIC's are pre-filled with selected oil or grease for individual applications. Each unit has a reservoir capacity of 120mL. Seven time settings are offered to satisfy a wide range of lubrication point grease requirements.

For complete details on the operation and application of Programmable Single Point Lubricators, download GREASOMATIC booklet.

Multiline "pump to point" lubrication systems offer users reliable easy to trouble-shoot grease distribution networks for a wide variety of machines.

Lubecore's "Spyder" Pump with multiple outlets provides a wide choice of individual discharge injectors as a simple reliable way to design and layout a centralized lubrication system. A choice of six individual color coded pumping elements to satisfy a wide variety of conditions is the easy way to select and deliver exact grease amounts to critical lubrication points.

Built-in timer controller gives users a wide choice of pump run and dwell (off) times. The Spyder Multi-line pump is extremely user friendly in design, application and system installation.


Photo 1: Basic multi-outlet pump can service up to 26 lube points
Photo 2: Pump with injectors screwed into outlets -
               outputs from 0.2 to 0.12cc/stroke available

Spyder pumps are normally supplied with clear 1.5 Kg reservoir assembly complete with 12 or 24 Vdc motor and built-in timer to satisfy a wide variety of maintenance needs for stationary and mobile equipment.

For additional information, download the Lubecore Multiline Spyder booklet.

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