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In this issue, we break down our company product lines into three important categories "High Performance Lubricants, Integrated Lubrication Equipment and Predictive Maintenance" for fast product identification to satisfy our reader's needs for advanced maintenance methods:

Near Dry Machining with Vegetable Oil

LUBETOOL Near-Dry Machining Operations with Natural - 77 Vegetable Oil: Eliminates Water Soluble Flood Coolant Systems - Reduces Costs and Improves Productivity

Natural - 77 vegetable oil prevents heat build-up and controls heat distortion in the metal cutting processes; improves surface finishes and extends cutting tool life

Derived from natural origins, high performance vegetable oils with high lubricity and extreme pressure characteristics, provide many improvements over mineral and synthetic cutting fluids in machine cutting processes:

Vegetable Oil, Natural - 77, Micro-Drop systems offer:
  • Excellent lubricity at the tool/workplace interface
  • Smoke reduction
  • Odorless, nontoxic biodegradable
  • Improved and extended cutting tool performance and surfaces finishes
  • No oil residues on parts
  • Eliminates flood cooling
  • Cleaner safer working environment
  • Reduced handling and storage of hazardous flood cooling materials

LUBETOOL Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) and natural vegetable oils offer benefits in metal cutting and forming industrial operations, e.g. general machine shop machining, metal forming, sawing, grinding and chain lubrication etc.

Natural - 77 Vegetable oil is furnished in 5 liter containers. Material Safety Data Sheets are available. For additional information, contact GlobalBound Industries, LLC telephone: 704-684-0101

Lubricant Metering Devices

Automatic centralized lubrication metering devices play a key role maintaining top machine performance. Typically cyclic operation lubricant flow meters proportion lubricant to friction point applications connected to the distribution network located throughout the machine:

Multiline Feed Systems: Often referred to as "Pump-to-Point" systems, multiple feed lines from a centralized pump lubricate bearing points connected to the system. Each lube point has an individual pumping meter located in the body of the pump delivering oil or grease to that point by a direct feed line. Up to seventy outlet points can be handled from this system. Ideal for transit vehicle chassis lubrication as well as industrial machinery.

Single Line Systems - Resistance Type: Centralized lubricator forces pre-fixed discharge of oil through a resistance (orifice) type fitting as pressure is built up in a single line distribution system. A broad selection of orifice configurations and flow rates are available to satisfy a wide variety of conditions. Ideal for machine tool applications.

Single Line Systems - Positive Displacement Injectors: Fixed volumetric outputs are offered for oil or grease. Programmed pressure cycles activate the injectors. Provides accurate deliveries over wide temperature ranges. Suitable for small, medium and large machines.

Single Line Systems - Progressive Sequential Movement: A distribution block with a pre-arranged piston movement monitors output piston activations. Pre-selection of piston sizes to satisfy machine lubricant requirements ensures each lube point received the required amounts. Ideal for medium and large industrial machinery.

All of these systems can be adapted to Air/Oil lubrication where closely controlled droplets can be directed to critical lube points.

For additional information on these devices visit or contact GlobalBound Industries, LLC at 704-684-0101

Don't lose production through a remote bearing failure!

GREASOMATIC: Programmable Time-release Lubricator Protects Inaccessible Bearings.

Safeguard those "hard-to-reach" bearings indoors, outdoors and even under water!

This disposable electro-chemical grease device is totally self-contained in a sealed 120 ml capacity plastic reservoir. The adjustable pre-set time release program has seven distinct time settings - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 months to satisfy a wide variety of applications.

Units normally are supplied with NLGI 2 multipurpose grease (MP): other grades and types are available on special order.

After setting the signal point "time-release" bearing program, "Fit and Forget", your GREASEOMATIC will keep lubricating until next scheduled timed replacement - be sure to record installation and expiration dates for your machine /plant maintenance log for future replacements.

For additional details on GREASOMATIC's visit

Specialty Conveyor/Chain Lubrication

LUBETOOL's adjustable air operated pump assemblies with 23 distinct settings from 0 - 41mm³ lets users zero in to precise outputs. Conveying accurate oil volumes through co-axial air/oil feed lines in a wide variety of operating cycles from 0 - 60 strokes per minute generates finely controlled oil droplets to delivery point without over-lubricating the chain.

A variety of rigid and flexible delivery nozzles along with fixed and magnetic mounting bases offer a wide choice of oil delivery systems for optimized link and roller chain lubrication. For additional information contact GlobalBound Industries, LLC -


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