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of Machine Tools

Grinding Machine (courtesy: Allways Precision Inc.)

Today's machine tools rely on extreme accuracy to shape or machine various metals or materials. Computerized machine tools in combination with robotics offer producers both accuracy and speed in manufacturing consistent component parts.

Proper and consistent lubrication of machine tool ways and drive bearings is paramount to maintain continuous production outputs.

A compact stand-alone fully automatic lubrication package meets all the necessary automatic lubrication requirement a specialty grinding machine requires.

Lubeit model CESB cyclic timing motor controlled piston pump complete with 1 or 2 liter reservoir and low oil level warning switch. Oil outputs are fixed, from 2 minutes to 1 hour cyclic discharge times with adjustable piston outputs from 3 to 6 cc's.

Units are available with either 110 or 220 volt electric timing motors.

Users specify pump operating characteristics when ordering.

For additional information on CESB lubricators, download Lubeit Booklet.

Loose Wheel Nut Basics

The Problem:
Improper torqueing, poor mating surfaces, vibration, temperature changes create vehicle loose wheel nuts.

The Solution:
SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Monitoring System
Detects and Locks Loose Wheel Nuts.

How it Works:
SafetyTrim nut pot covers with an attached extended indicator arm move freely in a fixed circular wheel trim plate.

Individual alternate split taper nut splines (some having tapers, others straight), on installation, allow each wheel nut to be fully covered and held in any position.

Each nut pot cover moves freely inside the wheel trim fixture or fixing plate. As an individual wheel nut moves (loosens) its indicator arm moves into an observation window in the trim plate indicating a loose nut situation.

The edge of the circular wheel trim has a retaining lip or shoulders which "locks" or stops additional indicator arm movement arresting further nut loosening action.

The Only Loose Wheel Nut Indicator That Prevents Further De-Torqueing

Where Used:
Heavy duty "over the road" vehicles, Fire Trucks, Waste disposal trucks, Bulk handling vehicles, Sprinter Cargo Vans, Public transportation and School Busses and others.

For complete details on SafetyTrim products, download SafetyTrim Booklet

The Chen Ying (Changhua) lubrication family consists of manual, automatic electric motor driven and pneumatic operated lubricators and recirculating pumps along with distribution line fittings and accessories.

Lubeit Chen Ying Centralized Lubrication Replacement Parts can satisfy all your specialty lube and service needs covering both oil and grease lubrication systems and monitoring components. A complete line of metric and imperial fittings are available.

Download Lubeit Chen Ying Service Replacement parts catalogue for Oil Single Line Resistance Lubrication Systems, Meter Flow Units and components.

Download Lubeit Chen Ying Oil and Grease Booklet covering lubricators and distribution dividers and distribution line fittings.

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Fabrication and Replacement of High Pressure Flexible Hose Lube Lines

Metric and Imperial (inch) Products Offered - For Centralized Distribution Networks

When a flex line fails, a hose equipped with swaged end fittings mandates replacement of the entire assembly. The Fritsche line of hose lines and fittings offers users complete flexibility in the individual assembly, repair and replacement of centralized lubrication system distribution networks.

Bulk flexible hose and nylon feed lines are offered for high and medium pressure applications along with all fitting accessories for custom installations.

Imperial Hose Specs: 10,000 PSI (690 Bar), 1/8" I.D. and 5/16" O.D.
Metric Hose Specs: 800 and 600 Bar, 8.6mm I.D. and 11.3mm O.D

Tapered hose studs (straight and angled), threaded hose sleeves to assemble threaded leak-tight flexible hose connections are available. Straight and elbow hose adapters with NPT and BSP male threads to complete hose end connectors are offered.

Nylon, Semi-rigid: 89 Bar, 6mm O.D. tubing
Nylon, flexible: 36 Bar, 4mm O.D. black or transparent finish
Imperial and metric fluid fitting assemblies for nylon tubes include, straight and elbow connectors including push lock fittings. Adapter assemblies with NPT and BSP thread formats in various surface finishes are standard.

These hard to source fittings can be a life-saver in emergency breakdowns. For additional information Contact Globalbound Industries, LLC -

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