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This January edition breaks out our company product lines into three important categories "High Performance Lubricants, Integrated lubrication Equipment and Predictive maintenance" for fast product identification to satisfy our reader's needs for advanced maintenance methods:

Motul's "Technosynthese" Specialty Lubricants
What are technosynthese lubricants? Answer: A specialty blend of different synthetic base oils which can include esters and mineral base oils for optimizing performance. Many Motul technosynthese lubricants achieve and exceed the most demanding and stringent OEM approvals for superior performance.

Motul Tekmax 15W40 - At last, the superior synthetic oil for diesel engines. Recently introduced into North America the Super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) is ideal for high performance diesel engine trucks. Tekmax's blend of synthetic oil is superior to conventional oils for longevity and ability to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures without breaking down. Suitable for small and large fleets operating in extreme conditions where long drain times are required.

Motul Tech Grease 300 - A high performance Multipurpose Grease "Technosynthese" complex Lithium NLGI 2 grade with extreme pressure characteristics (formulated with synthetic base oil stock and complex lithium soap. Tech Grease 300 is ideal for all machine types including transport, industry, and farm machinery. This No 2 grade grease has excellent properties in both extreme hot and cold conditions to provide extra security of maintenance parts.

Technosynthese advanced engineered lubricants offer solutions to production and maintenance engineers operating equipment in extreme conditions. Individual product date sheets are available from GlobalBound Industries.

ILC Lubrication Systems

Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Systems or near dry machining systems deliver precise quantities of lubricant/cutting fluid automatically during machine operations. Normally used with environmentally safe bio-lubricants (vegetable based) for increased productivity and cost controls. Typical applications include chain lubrication and metal cutting operations, milling and drilling etc.

LUBETOOL MQL systems replace normal coolant and flood systems with micro output vegetable based air/oil mix systems. Near dry machining operations (where less is more!) improves tool life and cutting speeds with minimum heat build-up. Machining operational benefits include:

• Increased productivity
• Longer tool life
• Cleaner machine cutting operation
• Less lubricant /coolant consumption
• Eliminates waste coolant disposal

Coaxial, separate air /oil feed tubes to end tube nozzles for precise air/oil mixes to provide operators with better finishes, faster cutting speeds and increased productivity.

The MQL system is equally adaptable in both lubricating system and cooling equipment modes. Contact Global Bound Industries for specification sheets.

SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Monitoring and Locking Systems "How to Properly Fit and Check Trims to Vehicle Wheels"

Loose Wheel Nut Monitoring Systems and their safety features continue to grow in popularity. Major users include:

• Fire Engine Trucks
• Waste Management Collection Vehicles
• School Buses
• Bulk Transport Vehicles

SafetyTrim wheel nut monitoring and locking systems encourage operators to conduct daily safety inspections after a lengthy road trip: "The At-A-Glance" System alerts drivers of any wheel nut de-torqueing during operation between trips.

To view video on how to properly fit and remove wheel trims, go to www.globalboundind.com/news.html

How to Maintain a Motorcycle Drive Chain

Top performance users must maintain and care for bike drive chains to operate at maximum efficiencies. Motul a world leader in engineered lubricants for high performance racing machines, provides various cleaners and lubricants to help maintain vehicles at performance operation:

C-1 Chain Clean for removing tar and dirt
C-2 Chain Lube Road - lubricates and protects leisure motorcycles
C-3 Chain Lube Off Road (all chain types). A creamy non-sticky lubricant for dirt bikes - disperses dirt deposits and protects chains in muddy and wet conditions

A regular Motul chain maintenance program prolongs life and motorcycle performance.

Request technical date sheets for any of Motul lubricants.


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