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Ensure Remote Bearings are Never Forgotten - GREASOMATIC Single Point Programmable Lubricators

Adherence to a planned bearing grease replenishment program reduces machine repair costs.

Bearing failures are mostly caused by neglect and lack of adequate lubrication - isolated bearings are twice as likely to be overlooked and fail causing breakdowns.

Proper lubrication of all bearings can save the day.

Programmable single point lubricators are perfect to lubricate out of the way, hard to reach bearings. They force sealed continuous grease flows into bearings for selected time periods to protect, lubricate and keep contaminants out of bearings.

With settings from one month to one year in seven distinct increment settings to meet a wide variety of grease requirements - GREASOMATIC adjustable setting controls generates the proper piston movement for extremely accurate grease outputs.

These totally self-contained sealed "Easy-to-Use" automatic single-point lubricators offer users maximum flexibility by operating in any position.

Just mark your lubrication schedule calendar with GREASOMATIC bearing installation and expiration replacement dates to ensure proper ongoing bearing performance.

For additional details, download GREASOMATIC Single-Point Programmable Lubrication Booklet or contact

SafetyTrim Monitors & Locks Loose Wheel Nuts - The Only Patented System That Indicates & Locks

These days everyone agrees travelling on busy highways can be dangerous.

Heavy duty vehicle wheel loss is an ongoing problem and steps to prevent loose nuts leading to wheel loss are avoidable with a SafetyTrim Nut Monitor and Locking Device. A vehicle wheel-off situation can be devastating leading to possible injuries and liabilities, including lost company production time.

Once installed the SafetyTrim add-on wheel device locks-on to each wheel nut and monitors any movement through individual observation windows - once movement is noted, operators know that further nut movement is restricted - this important locking feature allows operators to take corrective action and retorque the loose nut at a convenient time and place preventing wheel-offs.

SafetyTrims are available to fit standard and long reach stud/nut situations, also satisfy popular North American and European trucks and vehicles.

Take steps to safeguard your vehicles against vehicle wheel-offs - consider SafetyTrim action today!

For further details: download SafetyTrim Booklet or contact



Vehicle Chassis Lubrication

Multiline "Pump-to-Point" Centralized Systems offer engineers lubrication network layouts with accurate deliveries and adjustable output settings that satisfy individual bearing requirements.

Problem: How to lubricate hard working bearings on a railroad carriage rotary unloader for a major power company.
Answer: A Lubecore "Spyder" pump with 12 injector outlets and individual lines to each turning car tippler bearing. A hard working system operating in a rugged environment.

Problem: Automatically lubricate a parcel service delivery carrier chassis to minimize downtime and operate in harsh weather conditions.
Answer: An on-board, 14 point outlet, Lubecore "Spyder" pump to grease all key chassis lube points under dynamic load conditions. Lubricator is fully operational in harsh all-weather environments.

For detailed information, Download Lubecore Bookletor contact GlobalBound Industries, LLC.



Machine designers and operations sometimes forget the importance of properly operating machinery. Lubricating systems play a key role in maintaining machine efficiency. Don't let a shortage of urgently needed lube parts let you down!

Sometimes a few missing fittings can cause repair delays and additional machine downtime.

Distribution tubing components can be decisive in successfully completing a lubrication installation - these critical machine repair parts are always needed urgently.

Check out parts availability from GlobalBound:

  • Compression Sleeves (olives) for various diameter tubes, 1/8", 5/32", 4mm, 3/16", 6mm, 5/16", 8mm
  • Compression Bushings for various diameter tubes, 1/8", 5/32", 4mm, 3/16", 6mm, 5/16", 8mm
  • Straight Adapters for various tubing, including 1/8" NPT and 1/8" BSP male and female threads
  • Elbow Connectors various configurations offered in various NPT and BSP threads

Other lubrication system repair items, lubricators junctions, tubing and accessories are always in stock. Let GlobalBound Industries help you source those "hard-to-find" fittings in a hurry!

Download Lubrication Replacement Parts Booklet now or contact GlobalBound Industries, LLC.


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