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In this issue, we break down our company product lines into three important categories "High Performance Lubricants, Integrated Lubrication Equipment and Predictive Maintenance" for fast product identification to satisfy our reader's needs for advanced maintenance methods:

LUBETOOL Micro Lubrication Offers Solutions for Cutting and Forming Operations

Engineered Air-Oil Lubrication Systems offer users answers to difficult lubrication problems

LUBETOOL lubrication packages are available in hundreds of combinations with single and multiple outlet air/oil delivery lines. The small diameter liquid output tube within the air delivery tube creates micro heavier than air droplets directly at nozzle outlet.

In operation positive displacement micro vegetable oil outputs are delivered with pinpoint accuracy to precise locations in metal cutting and forming operations. Efficient lubrication is delivered where it is needed resulting in lower oil consumption, no hazardous airborne particles with waste disposal and cleaning eliminated.

Typical LUBETOOL set-up

Note: Air delivery pressures and volumes are fully adjustable to suit individual applications. For additional details download Micro Lubrication and Cooling Systems.



What is a Manifolded Progressive Movement Divider Block?

Individual measured movement output pistons are arranged into a manifold with at least three pistons comprising the assembly.

As oil or grease is discharged from a remote pump, pressure builds up at the divider block input port and moves the first piston forward. In a pre-arranged sequence each piston in the block then moves forward then returns to its original position to complete a full discharge cycle.

The progressive movement of each internal piston in the manifold takes place due to a pre-arranged porting and valving of the block pistons.

As lubricant input pressure forces the progressive divider block in a pre-arranged sequence, positive displacement measured flows of lubricant are discharged from each block outlet. Once all pistons have discharged in a full cycle; all measured deliveries of lubricant have been discharge from the block outlets.

A piston movement indicator pin may be furnished in the block assembly to visually monitor piston movements and discharge outputs: alternatively an electrical signal can be sent to a control panel to indicate failsafe operation. Progressive systems monitoring features makes these divider blocks popular for use in production machines.

Download Progressive Lubrication System Catalog or contact GlobalBound Industries.

LUBETOOL Micro Lubrication Offers Solutions for Cutting and Forming Operations

Decanters separate solid material from liquids by high speed centrifugal rotation (think of a spinning action on a washing machine dryer).

Centrifuges have two main supporting bearings on which the separator rotates as the solids are separated from the liquid on to a conveyor.

Depending on size and operating speeds there are several methods to protect these important bearings on a decanter:

High Speed Continuous Duty

• Independent Air/Oil LUBETOOL Lubrication Systems
• Positive Displacement Deliveries
• Protects Bearings from Contaminants
• Precise Continuous Oil Flows

Normal Operation

• Electric Motor Drive Centralized Grease System
• Progressive movement Positive Displacement Grease feeder
• Programmed Automatic Feeds

Intermittent Duty

• Fixed Mount Centralized Grease Gun



Typical applications for these systems include waste water treatment facilities, Chemical plants, Oil and food processing Industries. For additional details on these systems download LUBETOOL Micro Lubrication Systems and Progressive Lubrication System Catalogue.

SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Protection Devices Reaches a Milestone

Latest estimates have established 200,000 wheels are now protected by SafetyTrim's Loose Nut Monitoring and locking devices.

Wheels covered include 6, 8, and 10 stud configurations.

SafetyTrim Worldwide is extremely proud of this accomplishment.

Can you afford to operate vehicles without SafetyTrim's monitoring and locking devices?

For detailed information on operation and installation, download the SafetyTrim Booklet.


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