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SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Monitoring Device
Adds Additional Safety Features

InfoBoxPhoto1We are repeating this SafetyTrim story with the idea that some new readers may have missed this news announcement first time around:

SafetyTrim have incorporated several new advantages into the Loose Wheel Nut Monitoring and Locking Rings:

• Deeper circumferential lip around the trim ring to create a more rigid nut holding ring cover.

• Increased diameter florescent warning window to alert users when individual wheel nuts have loosened.

• A revised design, namely increased depth wheel nut pot cover to accommodate the use of longer wheel studs - this feature is experiencing increased popularity throughout the trucking industry.

• Finally, by special request, a new model SafetyTrim in a White Finish has been added to the existing product line which includes, Basic Black and Decorative Chrome finishes.

SafetyTrim are offered in various sizes and stud selections to suit a variety of vehicles from on-road vehicles including school buses, transit buses and over-the-road transportation vehicles.

For additional updated information on GlobalBound Industries SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Monitoring and nut locking systems, download SafetyTrim Booklet.

Oil and Grease lubrication devices and systems play crucial roles in maintaining industrial production machine performance.

Poor lubrication practices cost money. GlobalBound Industries has a policy of fostering machinery maintenance technology and best practices to implement efficient manufacturing processes. Follow these troubleshooting procedures for improved productivity:

Lubrication System Reliability Practices
Only use approved oil or greases for individual systems and components.

Follow proper recommended lubricant storage and filling/application procedures to reduce introduction of contaminants into systems. Lubricant cleanliness is important in keeping equipment running properly.

Avoid introduction of air into system distribution network.

Program and carry out periodic inspections of reservoir lubricant levels as well as check out system networks (flexible hoses and tubing connections for wear or leaks). Check our system monitors, pressure gages and switches for proper functioning.

Inspect and replace as necessary system filters.

Don't delay; carry out all necessary repairs or updates as soon as practical.

Trouble getting centralized lubrication system replacement parts: contact GlobalBound Industries, LLC or telephone 704-684-0101.

Self-contained CLS Lubricator Package
with Failsafe Junctions

CLS Lubricator Reservoir Mounting
(with external oil cooler)

It has long been recognized that improper lubrication and contaminates contribute to machinery bearing failures. Continuous output centralized oil pumps delivery the lubricant in controlled amounts to foster healthy bearings. In addition, Automatic Recirculating Systems deliver filtered controlled crucial oil feeds on a continuous basis for long life.

Self-contained electric motor driven recirculating oil reservoir units allow engineers and users to deliver uninterrupted continuous clean controlled oil flows by recovering discharged oil from machine surfaces back to a central reservoir.

The CLS family of lubricators offers fully assembled units with built-in return line settling chambers and magnetic filter to collect trapped oil impurities.

The fully assembled motor driven units are available in a variety of reservoir capacities from 20 to 150 liters, equipped with operational line filters, pressure switches, oil level switches and pressure regulating valves. Optional recirculated oil temperature heat exchangers can also be incorporated into CLS assemblies. Fans can be added to provide maximum cooling effect.

CLS units provide a range of fully assembled units with built-in value added service and fail-safe features that can be tailored to individual machines specific requirements.

Typical applications range from paper machinery to heavy duty punch presses.

Download GlobalBound Industries Lubeit Automatic Lubricator Booklet for more details.

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