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In this issue, we break down our company product lines into three important categories "High Performance Lubricants, Integrated Lubrication Equipment and Predictive Maintenance" for fast product identification to satisfy our reader's needs for advanced maintenance methods:

Keep them moving down on the farm

Farming and food play important roles in our lives. Greater population demands place increased challenges on farm machinery to produce greater crop yields.

Efficient power transmission drives farm machinery to meet its goals. Proper lubrication of bearings and drive chains play critical roles in this process. Consider these lubrication techniques.

Manual Lubrication of "Hard-to-Reach" Bearing Points

Grease "Hard-to-Reach" points on Agricultural Machinery with remote gang mounted grease lines:

Typically these grease header manifolds can lubricate up to 14 lube points. Assemblies can utilize straight, angled or button head "Zerk" grease fittings on a junction connected to the bearing through flexible hose or rigid tubing. Manual manifolded grease systems handle most greases and easily adapt to portable dispensers.

Automatic Lubrication

Self-contained grease pumps deliver pre-determined volumetric outputs through progressive movement lubricant dividers. An extremely rugged versatile system that can be expanded to cover up to a hundred lubrication points having a wide range of lubricant requirements.

The electric motor driven pump is available in popular AC and DC electric voltages. Units are available for both oil and grease. This arrangement has been adapted to a wide range of agricultural machinery including harvesters, combines, round and square bailers, sprayers and transfer machinery.

For additional information on these lubrication products, contact GlobalBound Industries.

The Importance of Chain Lubrication

Most Roller chain drive failures occur through incorrect lubrication rather than extended service! They transmit power and create finished goods reliably and efficiently.

Typically a chain link consists of two small bushings and a pin which must receive regular lubrication to maintain normal bearing life.

Proper lubrication of the pin-bushing/roller areas is imperative. A predictable lubrication program that dispenses quality clean oil with good free flowing characteristics at operating temperatures helps maintain peak efficiency and extended chain life by protecting the chain wear areas.

Follow these techniques when lubricating chains for prolonged life. For additional information, contact GlobalBound Industries.

Metal cutting Operations - Keeping Pace with Technology

Properly applied Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) and the pinpoint control of vegetable based oil micro droplets to the tool cutting edge offers many advantages: little heat is transferred to the work-piece and chips, this results in faster metal removal, finer finishes and better cutting speeds.

LUBETOOL systems offers hundreds of combinations to satisfy a wide range of applications: a selection of reservoir capacities, adjustable air operated positive displacement assemblies, air/oil co-axial delivery tubes that generate oil droplets directly at the delivery jet tip provides operator control for maximum cooling efficiencies. Users can "engineer" a system to suit their specific needs:

Typical Applications:

• Milling
• Drilling, boring and tapping
• Sawing operations (band and circular)
• Shearing and punching
• Chain Lubrication and other wetting applications

This LUBETOOL system offers a full line of accessories to satisfy multiple applications in metal cutting as well as general industry. Operational videos for machining, tapping, circular saw and band saw applications are available. (Each video is available in the upper right corner under "Download Movies")

For additional information, download the product information leaflet.

How Does SafetyTrim Work?

Patented Loose Wheel Nut Monitor and Locking Device Alerts Operators on Proper Wheel-nut Torque Condition

A simple press-on device that detects loose nuts then locks them in place! This safety device offers big rewards in maintaining safer driving conditions by alerting operators when wheel nuts are backing off.

During operation SafetyTrim's individual nut pots with indicators alerts operators of nut movement has exceed safety limits. Further nut movement is arrested when the nut pot arm makes contact with the wheel trims circumferential locking lip.

Advantages include:
• Nut locking movement indicator and locking device
• Individual nut observatory portal lets users take corrective action when necessary
• SafetyTrim collar and nut pot protect wheel studs and nuts against corrosive road contamination
• Prevents wheel detachment accidents and expenses

For detailed information on operation and installation, download the SafetyTrim Booklet.

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