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Solid State Programmable
Cyclic Oil Lubricators:
You're in Full Control!

Modern technology has given birth to a new generation of electric motor driven lubricators with solid state controllers. These units have variable "ON" and "Dwell" times that can be programed to meet your exact oil requirements.

Models are available for use with resistance type meter units as well as positive displacement volume output injectors.

Model CESP for use with resistance type meter units and Model CESG for positive displacement injectors provide both OEM's and Users with wide adjustments in operation time and lube interval times. Units are available for 110 and 220 volt operation.

These lubricators are available with operational status function, including operating and low oil level functions.

Ideal for small and medium sized machinery. For additional information, download Lubeit Booklet or contact GlobalBound Industries,

SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Indicator and Nut Retention Device Enhances the Safety of Commercial Vehicles

Underside view showing SafetyTrim movable indicator arm

At first glance it seems beyond belief, A simple add-on wheel device that monitors loose nuts then locks them in place - "What makes it work?" and how come it is so important?

Upon Installation, SafetyTrim nut pots lock-on to nuts random position.

In operation, any nut loosing moves individual nut movement arm. This movement can be observed through SafetyTrim's observation window. Refer to underside photo.

Nut movement is arrested when the arm makes contact with the trims circumferential locking lip.

Advantages and Benefits include:
• Nut Locking Device - nut movement activates built-in locking feature
• Individual Visual Nut Indicator, lets operators take nut corrective action when convenient
• Nut collar assembly extension protects against corrosive road contamination
• Eliminated wheel replacement costs and repairs as well as wheel detachment accidents and expenses

The SafetyTrim patented device is available for American and European wheel stud and nut configurations for small and large transit vehicles.

For additional information, download SafetyTrim Booklet



These popular compact oil proportional devices allow designers to install meter units to machinery to satisfy various configurations, typically, mounted to junction manifolds or directly located to bearing inlets with elbow connectors and adapters.

Various restriction characteristics are assigned to five individual meter flow units to deliver wide variances in oil deliveries. These range from slow to fast outputs. A numerical flow rate number from #1 to #5 is assigned to each flow unit. Each increase in flow rate doubles the output.

Each GlobalBound Meter Unit is delivered with an assembled tubing compression ferrule (olive sleeve) and compression nut for fast easy assemblies. The full range of Meter Units is always available from stock from GlobalBound Industries.

A complete range of manual, pneumatic and electric motor driven lubricators complete with timers and system monitors are available.

For additional information, download Lubeit Booklet.



Lube Outlet Filter

Assure clean oil is delivered to bearings by utilizing proper inlet and outlet filters.

It is imperative to collect and remove machine contaminates in circulating oil systems.

For optimum machine performance install these filters:
• Magnetic filter at return line port inlet at collection reservoir
• Manual self-cleaning filter at lubricator outlet

These filters will trap and collect ferrous sediment and oil contaminates to achieve top machine performance.

Always follow proper maintenance practices by periodically cleaning magnetic filter in reservoir (replace when necessary).

The lube outlet filter should be manually activated by turning the handle several times when lubrication system is not in the operating mode. Drain filter contaminates by removing plug located at bottom of reservoir.

Recommended Preventative Maintenance practices should always be followed to achieve optimum machine performance.

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