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SafetyTrim News Just In. . .
Guadalajara, Mexico, November 13 through 15 is the setting for
Expo Transporte ANPACT

InfoBoxPhoto1ANPACT, Asociacion Nacional de Productores de Autobuses, Camiones y Tractocamiones is the venue of the largest transportation exhibition in Mexico this year featuring Buses, Trucks and Trailers, Diesel Motors and related accessory items

GlobalBound Industries is pleased to announce that SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Monitor and Locking Devices can be seen in action on DINA bus wheels at Stand J1939. On display will be their new LINNER buses.

DINA is a major supplier of intercity buses as well as suburban route vehicles. The company's transport operations and affiliated companies scan both North, Central and South America.

Vehicle wheel safety is gaining increased awareness throughout the world. Please stop by Booth J1939 to see SafetyTrim at work,

For additional details, download the SafetyTrim information booklet here.

Removing the mystery of proper lubrication of machine parts ensures that correct quantities of recommended grease is delivered where it is needed at the right time to keep machinery operating at Peak production. This action reduces machine energy usage as well as maximizing lubricant consumption.

GlobalBound Industries offers design consulting services and equipment to make machinery operate better. A complete line of automatic oil and grease lubricators are available.

Here are three Eco-Lube System Solutions to deliver various grease amounts to friction points located in remote machine areas in a broad variety of machines - by precisely managing programmable timed delivery settings, users have the ability to accurately zero in on machinery's lube needs.

Used to lubricate hard to reach remote bearings on machinery. Ideal to grease small, medium and large bearings and moving elements.

A time-release 120cc grease reservoir (hermetically sealed) screwed directly into a bearing inlet or close to the bearing. Unit is completely self-contained and does not require a pump, motor, electricity or compressed air to operate (an adjustable galvanic element in electrolyte liquid produces an electro-chemical reaction for delayed discharge).

Seven independent dial settings are available to continuously release 120cc's grease for one to twelve month periods.

Fit and replace unit after allotted time span setting.

For complete information on GREASOMATIC Lubricators, download detailed Booklet.

Electro-Mechanical, positive displacement pump with pre-selected pump cycles

Operated by a built-in battery pack. MemoLub's have a built-in solid state program to produce a mechanical piston pump discharge. A unique adjustable selection of MEMO Timing Rings creates a broad range of seven daily output programmed discharge stroke settings (half stroke to 24 strokes daily). Units can operate up to 350 psi. The spring fed replaceable pre-filled cartridge reservoir provides for clean and easy grease refills.

Also, a single point delivery unit has a wide choice of discharge output setting washers which offer users a wide adjustment of final discharge settings for increased versatility.

A selection of replaceable grease cartridge reservoirs are offered, namely 120 cc standard model, 240 cc mega model, and 480 cc giga model.

A preset special purpose 120 MemoLub model for electric motor bearing lubrication (EM model) is available with output settings of 12 or 24 months.

A progressive splitter block output divider is available with single outlet models operating at full discharge. This arrangement can lubricate up to 12 points.

Programming application charts and lubrication layouts are available for all MemoLub units.

For additional details, make enquires at

Selection of injectors, mounted at pump creates simplified layouts

A self-contained electrical motor driven multiline pump with integrated timer offers users simplified flexible extended centralized lubrication system for stationary and mobile transportation. The Spyder pump has body-mounted pump discharge injectors actuated by an internal cam drive. Each output injector element has an individual dedicated feed line to each bearing inlet - commonly referred to as a "pump-to-point" lubrication system.

Seven injector output elements are available from 0.01 cc/stroke (extra slow) to 0.12cc/stroke (extra fast) injector is capable of generating high discharge pressures.

Lubricator timer offers variable "pause" and "operating" times for a wide ranging operating controller for maximum application flexibility.

For full details on this lubricator download the Lubecore Technical Booklet.


These products and guidelines offer automatic lubrication solutions to maintain machines at peak efficiencies. A full range of tubing fittings, connections and adapters for metal and nylon tubing are available.

GlobalBound Eco-Lube Solutions maintain your equipment operations at peak efficiencies for a more efficient cleaner environment.

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