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SafetyTrim A Simple Add-on Vehicle Wheel Safety Device
Monitors Loose Wheel Nut Movement
Then Locks Offending Nuts In-Place


SafetyTrims consist of individual press-on wheel nut covers mounted on a circular trim.

On installation to each wheel, this patented device lets operators evaluate the safety condition each nut during a simple wheel inspection. SafetyTrim's indicator monitor features (yellow alert in an observation window) removes doubts about the safety status of the wheel nuts.

Easy vehicle walk about inspections alerts drivers when wheel nuts loosen - in addition, SafetyTrims stop further loosening movement when wheel nut monitor contacts locking safety rim around the trim.

Advantages include:

  • Individual visual nut monitor
  • Built-in locking systems
  • Wheel nut cover assembly protects against road contamination
  • Operators know when to schedule wheel nut re-torquing at a
    convenient time and place
  • Avoid wheel nut de-torquing accidents and expenses

A broad range of Safetytrims available for Busses, Tractors, Trailers and Sprinters.

For detailed information, download the SafetyTrim information booklet here.

Individual Feed Lines Facilitates Easy Centralized Lubrication Designs and Installations. Popular lubricator lubricates mobile transportation as well as stationary machinery.

The New Multiine "Spyder" MK11 electric motor driven automatic grease lubrication system is now released with continuous design improvements. Multiline pump to point systems are easy to adjust to meet specific lubrication requirements

  • Extended number of multiline outlets - up to 24 lubrication points
  • Handles NLGI 000 to No 2 greases
  • Clear Makrolon 4Kg (8.8 lbs) reservoir or optional 6Kg (13.2 lbs) for longer service interval between refills
  • Large removable strainer incorporated into the reservoir filling connection
  • Provides easy cleaning and servicing
  • Low grease level switch built into reservoir
  • Bright Red seal silicon follower plate (easy view) with stainless steel top (protects grease from corrosion)
  • Proven follower plate design now includes Archimedes screw - actively pushes grease towards pumping elements and stirs the grease for better pumping ability
  • Insulated Spyder heavy duty SS mounting bracket will handle even the toughest conditions
  • Fully potted moisture protected timer built into lubricator. Sloped slotted floor of housing allows moisture to weep out
  • Easy wiring with a waterproof Deutsch connection to the potted timer
  • "Easy Test Procedure" allows users to check and cycle pump
  • Two built in "Internal Overflow Vent" locations to relieve pressures in the reservoir
  • The Mulitline lubricator improvements prevent unnecessary wear and downtime for long troublefree operation.

Selection of Multiline pump elements as well as output delivery modifications are easy.

The pump elements (pistons) can be assembled into any to the 24 outlet ports on the Lubecore pump housing. The selection and arrangement of the pump elements can be adapted to satisfy the convenient deliveries from the pump outlets feeding to the bearing inlets.

A selection of seven colored coded pumping elements are offered with a range of discharges from 0.01 to 0.12cm3 per stroke to satisfy a broad range of applications. Tabulated outputs at various pump running times are also provided.

Unused outlet ports in the should be closed off with closure plugs A newly released General Manual on the upgraded Multiline Spyder Pump is available.

By design, multiple outlet feed distribution systems assists engineers to facilitate easy layouts and installations as well as easy feed line identification and troubleshooting.

Multiline system distribution lines are available for double and triple spiral wrapping to facilitate neat numbered multi feed line identifications. In certain situations systems can be supplied in pre-formed kits to facilate fast easy assembly to equipment components. In addition various diameter feed tubing can be ordered in bulk form.

A broad range of straight and elbow adapters and reducer fittings are available for commonly used tubing's 4mm (5/32") and 5mm (3/16") O.D. tubing. A full complement of ferrules (Olives/sleeves) and compression nuts suitable for use with high pressure semi-rigid and flexible hoses.

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