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In this issue, we break down our company product lines into four important categories "High Performance Lubricants, Integrated Lubrication Equipment, Predictive Maintenance and Technical Tip" for fast product identification to satisfy our reader's needs for advanced maintenance methods:



Single Point Lubrication Systems
GREASOMATIC™ Protects Inaccessible Chains

Establishing a programmed grease replacement schedule extends chain life. GREASOMATIC single point lubrication lets users conduct a planned grease replenishment program for plant drive chains.

Versatile single mounting point programmable lubricators operate 24/7. No batteries or electronics needed, GREASOMATIC's 120 ml reservoir is ideal where bearing points are remotely located throughout a large plant. "Fit and forget" till next scheduled replacement schedule.

Seven distinct settings from 1 to 12 months discharge, individual setting tables are available. Setting GREASOMATIC is easy and fast.

Filled with NLGI #2 Multi-purpose Grease, other specialty greases available on special order.

For operational and application details, download GREASOMATIC booklet.



Multiple Point Lubrication Systems
Battery Operated MEMOLUB® Reusable Multi-Stand
Chain Lubrication Systems

With up to four outlets available on a standard electro mechanical device, versatile MEMOLUB MPS (Multi-Point System) offers users increased ability to satisfy a wide variety of chain lubrication problem areas. When necessary when up to 12 application points can be successfully lubricated.

With up to 50 output time and discharge settings available - lube output program charts are available to assist users in dialing-in to meet their exact requirements.

Units are offered in 120, 240 and 480 cc capacity sealed cartridge style reservoirs.

A full complete range of information fittings are offered.

Single application point lubricators are also available in various capacity reservoirs.

For additional information on these MEMOLUB devices, downloadinformation details.

Automatic Chain Lubricating Systems - Eco-Friendly Techniques

Roller chains are one of the most popular power transmission methods used by manufacturers.

Recent studies by a leading bearing manufacturer show half of bearing failures are the result of improper lubrication.

Preventative maintenance products and practices maintain equipment and continuous output production.

Remember... efficient automatic lubrication networks increase productivity. Take advantage of these techniques. Alone with specialty purpose Bio-Chain Lubricants extend chain live and protect the environment.

Biobased Chain Lubricants

A broad range of special packages are available from Renewable Lubricants Inc. with excellent protection inhibitors and anti-ware performance to extend operational chain life: packages are available with tackiness additives, as well as carrying various NSF approvals.

Renewable Lubricants Inc.'s proprietary patented bio based technology for high performance lubricants provides users with tailored oils to satisfy specialty needs.

These lubricants are ideal for food processing and packaging industries:

Bio-Chain and Cable Oil Lubricants

Renewable Lubricants Bio-Chain and Cable™ Packages are available in various SAE Grades from 10W20 to 20W60 along with a Bio Penetrating Lubricant (BPL).

These lubricants are formulated with anti-wear/extreme pressure additives and rust/corrosion inhibitors as well as a tackifier additive to enhance chain life.

Bio-Food Grade™ EP Grease, NLGI #0, #1 and #2 grade

Ideal for food processing and packaging machinery with excellent EP and anti-wear performance characteristics. Unit has a high resistance to water and provides high temperature performance as well as good adhesion/cohesion properties.

Bio-Food Grade #0 and #1 have improved cold temperature mobility and #2 grade is suitable for high temperature applications.

These greases are also NSF approved with food grade designation H1 for incidental food contact.

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TECHNICAL TIP: Chain Lubrication

Unnecessary downtime and servicing can be avoided by following these often overlooked procedures:

Oil Brush Assemblies must be securely mounted and accurately positioned for controlled film deliveries to the moving chain surface - proper brush contact must be made with the chain for metered oil deliveries to small areas for good chain link coverage.

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