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SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Management
and Locking System Prevents Wheel-Offs

InfoBoxPhoto1Real time road inspections with SafetyTrim's Wheel Nut Management System lets users appraise and track Loose Wheel Nuts as they occur in real time.

Apart from wheel or fastener damage (e.g. stretched or damaged studs) there are other situations that cause wheel nuts to loosen namely, improperly nut torque settings as well as maintenance cleanliness - these situations can affect and reduce the wheel nut clamping force.

Installation of SafetyTrims loose nut indicator and locking system protects against wheel-off situations.

Trims are available to handle nut sizes from 19 to 33mm's. On installation, tight fitting SafetyTrim nut-caps mount over wheels. The trim circular safety ring is equipped with individual fluorescent yellow loose nut indicator observation windows for fast easy safety inspections for nut loosening. In addition the ring has an extended hub ring that prevents further nut-cap movement locking the offending loose nut in position so that the wheel stays on the hub until the situation can be corrected at a convenient time.

In addition, the SafetyTrim Wheel Loss Prevention program delivers "At-a-Glance" Safety pre-trip Inspections, as well as on the road wheel security by protecting the wheel lug nut area against the elements.

For complete information, download the SafetyTrim information booklet here.

Single point automatic lubricators have been in use for approximately 30 years. The original spring loaded compression grease cup design has been considerably updated over time and today single point lubricators are sophisticated accurately controlled programmable devices.

For electric motor lubrication, grease is the preferred bearing lubricant to reduce wear, protect bearings from corrosion and seal against outside contaminants. A selection of greases are available in these units.

Remember, don't over lubricate bearing housings with grease, lubrication programs are application dependent and GlobalBound Industrial, LLC has useful guidelines.

These automatic Single Point Lubricators ("Fit and Forget") offer users the ability to maintain bearings in peak operating condition. Supplied in 120 ml grease reservoirs (approx. 4 ounces or 100 strokes from a standard grease gun). These devices deliver accurate predictable settings to cover a wide range of applications. The units are ideal for pumps and motors, blowers and fans:

• Grease filled disposable unit

• Totally self-contained - no batteries required

• Adjustable patented galvanic setting regulates gas flow/piston movement

• 24 hour operation controlled feeds, operate in any position

• Simple external dial setting, seven discharge settings available

• Fast easy replacement, no prep-time required. Record installation date and replacement date to establish and maintain lubrication log schedule.

Download GREASOMATIC details.

• Reusable unit
• Electrical mechanical positive displacement pump
• Replaceable battery-pak 4.5Vdc Alkaline
• Built-in solid state program
• Cyclic operation 12 or 24 months selection through
   MEMO ring selection
• Two distinct settings, 12 months (0.30cc/day) and
   24 months (0.15cc/day)
• Replaceable sealed grease cartridges

Download MEMOLUB details.

Note, both GREASOMATIC and MEMOLUB devices can be used for remote mounting (mounted some distance away from bearing inlet).

MEMOLUB's are available in larger 240 and 480 cc sealed replaceable reservoir configurations operating at higher output pressures. Settings are offered in seven select lube intervals, 1, 2, 6, 12,16, 24, & 48 hours as well as 8 eight piston stroke settings (provides 56 potential combinations). Multi-point distribution configurations are also available.

For additional details and application enquiries on GREASOMATIC and MEMOLUB units, contact

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