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Greasomatic Single Point Automatic Lubricator

Greasomatic: Automatic single point grease lubricator, solutions to lubrication problems for production machinery

Direct Mount Programmable Lubricator

Single point lubricators provide planned programmable grease lubrication for production Machinery. Normally mounted directly to bearings, the units are ideally suited for continuous operation applications especially for lube points in remote locations operating in harsh environments. Typical applications include fan, motors, pumps and engines etc for chemical, power, cement sewage and refinery plants. Each unit is self contained with built-in adjustable timer. Unit is furnished in a 120 ml reservoir. Individual settings of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 monthÕs duration are standard. These settings apply at ambient working temperatures of 68¡ F (20¡C). Discharge times will vary if the units operated in extreme high or low temperatures. Additional details are available. Each individual unit is water and dust proof. Greasomatic units may be operated in any position. Each unit is prefilled with general purpose grease. Volume orders are available for custom grease selection.

How it Works:
Each Greasomatic has an internal flexible rubber chamber (to force grease from the unit) containing a liquid electrolyte and a galvanic element. When the adjustable galvanic element enters the electrolyte, resulting gas expands the chamber forcing a time based grease discharge to bearing. A built-in pressure relief valve indicates if a bearing entry port is blocked. A wide range of accessories are available to adapt units for special applications, e.g. chain lubrication, roller bearings etc.

Greasomatic - It's Simple - Activate at Required Lubrication Interval and Screw into Bearing  
"It's simple - activate at required lubrication interval and screw into bearing"

For more information on GREASOMATIC lubricator operating principles and installation techniques download here.

Greasomatic Product lines include:
Single point lubricators, Click-fit mounting brackets, Flexible and rigid tubing, unions, adapters and tube couplings, Non return valve, Brush assemblies, Ball valves, High Performance Greases

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Products: SafetyTrim - Spilfyter - Lubeit - Greaseomatic - LuMax - Orion