Grease Lubricator, ILC PICO-MAX,New Product from GlobalBound Industries, LLC. Automatic Grease Pump Offers Users Choice and Combination of Single andMultiple Line Feeds to Satisfy Precise Grease Deliveries for Production Machines.

ILC PICO-MAX Electric Grease Pump, Ten volumetric outputs offered
Electric Grease Pump

Five fixed volumetric outputs offered
Multi-Line Outlet Feed

Adjustable pump element to feed lube dividers
Progressive Movement
Distribution Feed Network

Model DPX (five segments shown). Three to 12 segments available.
Sequential Progressive
Movement Divider Block

For Immediate Release
April 4, 2016

The ILC Pico-Max pump is a multi-functional operation lubricator and feeds two distinct lubricant delivery networks. This feature offers users the advantages of flexible system designs without over or under lubrication. The unit provides low volume multiple feed outputs on a pre-programmed basis for maximum machinery efficiencies. A rotary gear motor and timer actuates cam drive injectors (spring return) to deliver high frequency discharge feeds to lube points. The unit handles #000 to 2 NLGI greases.

The automatic lubricator can handle up to 8 lubricator base mounted single feed pumping elements plus 2 larger output feeds (ten points total) to activate larger progressive divider networks. Low volume output injectors and accurate progressive fed divider pistons offer extremely precise deliveries to lube points.

Multi-line and Progressive Feeds:

These features offer maximum flexibility in system layout and design. Multiple Outlet Feed Line Injectors (pump to point networks) are offered in five volumetric discharges ranging from 5mm³ to 50mm³.

Progressive distributor fed assembles Model DPX dividers are available from three to twelve segments with single and double outlets to service larger feed systems. Individual piston discharges range from 25mm³ to 105mm³. Double feed outlets are 50mm³ to 210mm³. Individual block outlets can be cross ported externally for larger output deliveries.

A see-thru plastic 1 kg reservoir is standard.

Completely self-contained, the electric motor driven PICO-MAX pump (12 and 24VDC) is ideally suited for stationary and mobile equipment including transporting and industrial production equipment. Optional built-in timers are offered along with a full range of monitoring accessories, low levels, operation interruptions etc. Gear motor and timer offer protection against dust and water.

A full line of controls is offered. Timer selectable working modes: pause time, hours and minutes along with external pulses and pre-lubrication. Lubricant low lever controls with alarm function signals for all system modes. In addition, option accessories include alarm luminous light and reset button with lamp. Individual external line zerk lube fills for priming divider blocks discharge lines are available.

PICO-MAX lubrication systems avoid over-lubrication and contamination as well as under lubrication and subsequent bearing failures - the system delivers controlled grease outputs for consistent and balanced lube feeds to friction surfaces to extend the life of production machinery for economical operations.

For additional lubricator details and specifications, download ILC PICO-MAX Automatic Electric Grease Pump booklet.


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