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SafetyTrim: Truck Wheel Nut Safety System Locates and Locks Loose Wheel Nuts SafetyTrim Truck Wheel Nut Management System
Frequently Asked Questions

Are SafetyTrim rings patented?
In recognizing truck wheel separation creates a dangerous situation on the road, UK engineers designed and patented a safety trim to overcome the problem. The product is currently in use throughout the world

How much is known about the mechanics of loose wheel nuts?
Considerable amounts of research into wheel nut loosening have been conducted. Many variables have been identified. Clamp load variations are considered a leading cause.

Do temperature variations contribute to loose nuts?
While wheel nuts can loosen due to various causes, thermal contraction situations due to hot and cold working temperatures can lead to loss of wheel nut tightening torque

What is the material and construction of the units?
SafetyTrim wheel system ring is molded from Nylon 6-6 synthetic fiber which is widely used throughout the industry. Extremely Strong and highly resistant to heat and friction, the thermoplastic mold is lightweight and visually attractive. Units are built to meet stringent automotive standards

How long is the life expectancy of the SafetyTrim ring?
SafetyTrim is warranted for Seven years. With routine inspections and proper maintenance the product can last indefinitely

How quickly can the system be installed on a wheel?
After proper wheel nut tightening procedures, each custom made SafetyTrim is simply pressed firmly over the existing wheel studs until it seats against the wheel surface - a matter of minutes. Once the system is in place the wheel nut monitoring system is operational.

Are SafetyTrim rings offered for other wheel configurations?
Models are available for 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 stud wheel configurations. Appropriate sized units are available for light and heavy duty vans, trucks and trailers as including buses and coaches

Can safety rings be removed and reinstalled on other wheels?
Yes, simply remove the assembly from the wheel nuts with a firm smooth square extraction force. Caution: Be sure not to angle the ring when pulling away from the wheel force. The safety rings can then be used on other similar wheel configurations

How does SafetyTrim stay on the wheel?
SafetyTrim thermoplastic material has a chemical memory that makes it want to revert back to its original shape. After installation the trim ring fits tightly onto the wheel nut surfaces

Be Safe, Be Secure With SafetyTrim

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