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SafetyTrim: Truck Wheel Nut Safety System Locates and Locks Loose Wheel Nuts Wheel Failure Statistics around the World

In 1992 the United States National Transportation Safety Board, Special Investigation Report (SIR-92/04) estimated that there were 750 to 1,050 wheel separations per year. The board also identified these maintenance problems:

Various surveys and assumptions have produced estimates of the frequency of wheel fixing problems.*
Annual estimates are between 7,500 and 11,000 wheel fixing defects resulting is between 150 and 400 wheel detachments.
*TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) 2006 Summary "Heavy Vehicle Wheel Detachment"

Other Countries
Input from other countries is limited. However, reports from Finland, Canada and Japan suggest that while the problem of wheel detachment is still being qualified, there is enough evidence to suggest that the levels reported are broadly comparable to the UK.**
**TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) 2006 Summary "Heavy Vehicle Wheel; Detachment"

Maintenance is a key issue for the current success of wheel fixing. Surveys show that there is evidence to suggest that drivers or operators who better understand and adhere to proper inspections and requirements report a lower incidence of wheel fixing problems.

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